Computer magazine Retro #6 – FAQ

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What does it take for Datormagazin Retro #6 to become a reality?
We do as last time. As long as we get at least 1,000 pre-orders before the campaign ends, we'll run.

Why do you have a limit on the number of orders and not an amount (like e.g. on Kickstarter)?
Since we update the "counter" at the top of the page manually, it is easier and faster to see the number of orders than to create a report of the actual sales. In order for the production to go around, however, a relatively large number of people order Level 2 or higher... the last few times we have shipped 2-300 t-shirts. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be like that again.

    Why are you introducing a time limit on the campaign?
    So that you and we know what applies. If we don't reach 1,000 pre-orders before the end of the campaign = no Datormagazin Retro #5.

    Is the number of orders updated in real time?
    No Unfortunately not. We update manually at regular intervals. Several times per day during the beginning of the campaign, then at least a couple of times per day.

    Can one buy the DMZ Retro stuff without ordering the magazine?
    Some, but not all. It is possible that we will put them out in the shop eventually.

    Why did you move the pre-orders to
    To avoid slow plugins on our regular website and make the order page easier and faster to use.

    Why not Kickstarter?
    We like Kickstarter, but most of you who backed Datormagazin Retro found the campaign through word of mouth rather than through Kickstarter. In addition, you don't have to register an account there and send in address information afterwards.

    Why pre-order?
    There are lots of benefits. For both you and us. We want to secure the financing and you will receive the magazine directly from the printer in your mailbox. You who order later have to pay postage for the magazine and are subject to relatively long delivery times.

    Will #5 also be plasticized?
    Yep. We dislike plastic, but not as much as torn newspapers.

    How do I pay?
    We have a multitude of payment options, including Paypal, card and Swish.

    Will I get a receipt?
    Of course. Via e-mail.

    When will you send my stuff?
    As soon as we have sent the magazine to the printer, we will start sending out everything included in the various packages. We start with our dear elite sponsors and then graze the orders in the order they come in. Don't forget to let us know if you need to update your address.

    Can you order the magazine afterwards?
    Yes, just like before, we will print a small "overprint" that we will send out from the editorial office. However, you have to pay a few tens for the handling/postage. Possibly, we will also put the magazine out in stores.

    Can you advertise?
    Gladly. Please contact if you have any questions and/or want to book an ad.

    Can you buy the newspaper in stores?
    No. Computer magazine Retro is too niche to work on the supermarket's newsstand. We tested with #4 and it wasn't a big hit. (Admittedly, the pandemic didn't help.)

    Can you subscribe to Datormagazin Retro?
    No Unfortunately not.

    What happens if there is no newspaper?
    Then of course you get your money back. The handling is done manually but as soon as possible.

    Can you donate?
    Yep, we've added a donate button where you can donate a penny if you want. Any donations do not count towards the pre-orders and will get you nothing but lots of gratitude from the editors. Otherwise, the tax authority wants to get 25 percent of the cake. We have also been cheeky enough to add a tip option to the checkout.

    Can I buy Computer Magazine Retro #1?
    Nope, the physical magazine is sold out. ;-( But you can download it in PDF format here on the site . When the pandemic was at its worst, we distributed it for free (1831 pieces!), now we have chosen to request 40 kroner for it.

    Can I buy Computer Magazine Retro #2–5?
    Yep! Check here .

    Which countries do you sell to?
    Sweden, Finland (incl. Åland) and Denmark. To Norway, at the time of writing, we offer Level 1-3 because they are below the 350 NOK limit that exists for VAT-free imports into the country. We reserve the right to cancel orders to Norway that exceed the limit.

    What has happened to "regular" computer magazines?
    We have discontinued the paper newspaper.

    More questions?
    Please email

    Etc. Anders Öhman and DMZ Retro-ed

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