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Computer Magazine Retro #3

Computer Magazine Retro #3

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PLEASE NOTE: All content in the magazine is in Swedish

The magazine, which covers C64, Amiga and everything related, is produced by Datormagazin's editors, a group of dedicated freelancers and more than 1000 "backers" who once again chose to both order and pay for the magazine long before production started.

Some of the content

Crack games on C64 - This is how it works
Mikael "Oxidy" Lilja has a private retro museum
CD-TV – the computer that wasn't allowed to be a computer
We are going to a computer party in Lund
Computer virus or girl germs? Here are the ads that would make you choose Commodore
The Domesday Project - Simon Inns wants to save what can be saved
Interview with Space Mogul's creator Carl-Henrik Skårstedt
DEMO-DAXX – The scene delivers more and better than ever
The C64 Mini is wonderful, but the joystick is terrible
Scrolling with Amos
Get started coding for your dear old C64

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