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Computer Magazine Retro #5

Computer Magazine Retro #5

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PLEASE NOTE: The content is in Swedish!

The editors got hubris and have made yet another retro issue. Order today!

From the content:

Mr. Z
Interview with Sweden's most famous 

Commodore 128
The world's best, and most underrated, eight-bit computer

The creators of Assembly64
About the development of everyone's favorite software

The history of ATOD
The Swedish game studio everyone should be aware of

Accidental gaming classic
The titles that became popular for no real reason

We connect the mother modem to the TV with RGBtoHDMI

Atari's journey towards the Falcon 030
The Amiga 1200 killer which
never got a fair chance

How to make your Tac-2 wireless

Sir Clive Marles Sinclair
- the true story of the man who created the ZX Spectrum

The Swedish Commodore Club
We visit the association for everyone who likes 8 and 16 bits

Back-chat with Brad S
He's Here Again and Nobody Knows Why - We Apologize

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