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Computer Magazine Retro #4

Computer Magazine Retro #4

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PLEASE NOTE: The entire magazine is in Swedish.

Retro poetry on paper. It goes a long way a dark and rainy evening in home quarantine. Happy reading! Please tell your friends!

Some of the content:

The story of Backpacker
This is how the Swedish hit game was created, which sold over a million copies
Create Commodore 64 games with the right software
Pontus Berg lists the developer's best tools 
All about Fidonet's rise, fall and rebirth 
The computer bubbles we never forget
The retro expert answers
We are testing the mini-itx box for all Commodore fans
Reuterswärd hardware
Everyone's mustachioed Anders list their coolest gadgets
Amiga guru John Hertell revives the Amiga 3000 with his own circuit board
Demo creativity in quarantine
Meet the creators behind Volley for Two
Back-chat with Brad S
The man myth concept is back – we had no choice
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