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Datormagazin Retro

Datormagazin Retro

Inga betyg
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23/9 2021:

Since the pandemic swept the country, we've distributed over 1,800 free PDFs of Datormagazin Retro #1. Now that Tegnell and company are easing the restrictions, we choose to ask for a symbolic payment for the newspaper and keep our fingers crossed that the infection - or at least the effects of it - subsides. By the way, don't forget to take your "antivirus shots".

Nice reading!

Best regards DMZ Retro-ed


20/4 2020:

We at Datormagazin are keeping our fingers crossed that a moment's escape from reality makes life a little more pleasant in these difficult times. Therefore, we are now giving away Datormagazin Retro #1 in pdf format. As a kind of "payment", we hope that you will think a little extra about following the Public Health Agency's advice on how we can reduce the spread of infection in society.

Have a good and healthy day!

Best regards,


Also keep in mind that:

  • Feel free to tell your friends and acquaintances about the pdf, but ask them to buy/download their own copy. In this way, we can follow the interest in the magazine and inform all readers about a possible Retro #5.
  • Computer magazine Retro #1 is not free for publication on other platforms.
  • If you fancy even more retro reading, you can still buy Retro #2 ,Retro #3 ,Retro #4 , Retro #5 and Retro #6 here in the shop.


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