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QPAD CT Pro Battlefield 4 LE

QPAD CT Pro Battlefield 4 LE

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We have come across a bunch of pristine Qpad mats model larger. It is a limited edition variant with Battelfield 4 motifs that landed in stores around 2013.

The mats are part of Qpad's CT series with the manufacturer's so-called Hybratek coating. They fit both real gaming mice and old office rats (we are of course talking about the "pointing device", not the person using it).

You who want to nerd out will find some kind of review here:

  • Model: QPAD CT BF4 LE Pro Gaming Mouse pad
  • Size: Large 40.5 x 28.5 cm
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Design: Battlefield 4
  • Surface: " Hybratek fabric"
  • Base: Anti-slip, cross-woven natural rubber
  • Total weight: 270 g
  • Other: Delivered in a plastic tube (original) and may need a few days of "flattening" before use.
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